Galileo - Net Fare Data Masking Enhancement for Galileo Consolidator


Overview PA 1148 - version 7

Version 01 - Issued 28-Feb-11; Version 02 - Issued 07-Mar-11; Version 03 - Issued 14-Mar-11; Version 04 - Issued 28-Mar-11;  Version 05 - Issued 16-May-11; Version 06 - Issued 11-Jul-11

Reason For Issue:
Update: Copy load date changed from 17-JUL-11 to 28-JUL-11 and Production load date changed from 08-AUG-11 to 22-AUG-11.

This additional enhancement applied to net fare modifier (NF) amounts focuses on further enhancing the Galileo Consolidator masking feature to provide both Consolidators and Sub-agents with selective viewing access to certain Booking File and ticketing data.

Galileo Consolidator masking and selective viewing will also be applied to *NTD (display net ticket data), *HNT (display net ticket data history summary), *FD*FF.FS (fare display detail) and MIR for net fare data stored and tickets issued between Consolidator and Sub-agent(s) when data masking is enabled.

The Galileo Consolidator masking function is controlled by the MASK field in the Agency Account Table (AAT).

Customer Benefit
• Secure viewing access of confidential data between Consolidator and Sub-agent
• Improve workflow efficiency between Consolidator and Sub-agent
• Reduction in manual processes

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