Galileo & Worldspan - UPDATED! Travelport Merchandising Solutions Paid Seats - Enhancements to Seat Map Displays


Overview PA 1246 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 29-Jul-11
Reason For Issuing version 02: Updated with revisions

Paid Seats is the latest product from the Travelport Merchandising Solutions suite – a comprehensive and flexible set of travel sales and promotional marketing capabilities designed to enable travel suppliers, agency customers and corporations maximise and protect revenue, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

As airlines develop their ancillary services and introduce chargeable seat selection, agents need to be able to quickly and efficiently identify and book those seats for their clients within their workflow process.

This Product Advisory ONLY applies to carriers participating in Travelport’s Paid Seats solution – all seat map selections from non participating carriers will be unaffected by this Product Advisory.

To participate in Paid Seats, carriers must file seat charges through ATPCO, support “SSR ASVC” sell, pass the chargeable indicator in the EDIFACT seat map, and fulfil through EMD. Travelport will advise Agency customers of new carriers as they participate in the Paid Seats Solution.

To access Paid Seats content, agency customers must first be activated. Agency customers will receive further notification in advance of the activation date of their country with details of available content. This activation will commence throughout 2012 as content is made available by participating carriers.

Impact summary of Paid Seats with participating carriers:

  • Only applies to carriers participating in Travelport’s Paid Seats product
  • Certain characteristics in the Galileo™, Worldspan™ & Apollo™ seat map displays will be changed
  • New messaging alerts that advises agents of a new booking method when selling chargeable seats from participating carriers
  • Addition of ‘chargeable seat’ in sold seat display
  • Agents will need to fulfill (collect applicable fee) associated to the sold chargeable seat via Electronic Miscellaneous Document.
  • Agency customer activation commences by country throughout 2012
On screen messaging will advise agents of a new booking method – Travelport Options Integrator – which must be used when selling chargeable seats. Travelport Options Integrator is a desktop add-on solution that enables agents to efficiently sell airline ancillary services from their current desktop environments.

Full details of Travelport Options Integrator and EMD will be provided as part of the Agency customer activation process and announced in a future Product Advisory.

Customer Benefit
  • Processing efficiency and agent productivity is improved, as access to chargeable seat content will be available as part of the existing workflow.
  • Improved customer service - agencies can offer clients the booking of chargeable seats as part of their overall customer service level commitment.
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