Worldspan - Sign-In Security


Overview PA 1073 (Version 11) Worldspan™ Sign-In Security

Worldspan is adding a new level of security at time of signing into the reservations system. All users will be required to enter a unique sign-in and a Password when they sign into the Worldspan system using the BSI sign-in functional entries. Additionally, there will be a new requirement for a Keyword if ever the password is needed to be reset.

Two changes will be made to the Worldspan system to facilitate this security enhancement:

Every user will be required to add a password to their BSI sign-in entry as well as provide a keyword for future password resets (if/when a reset is required). Each user will be required to create and enter a password with their BSI entry in order to gain access to the Worldspan system.
The keyword will be used for those times when a password needs to be reset. When set, the keyword will only be known to the user. If/when a user contacts their location administrator to reset a password; the keyword requirement will be activated forcing the user to input the keyword at time of sign-in, followed by renewing the password.

Note – No changes are being made to the Worldspan Go! login functionality.

This implementation of Password and Keyword from 21st April will occur as an optional feature. This will become mandatory at a later date. Password and Keyword is optional for all locations until a date for cutover to mandatory is stipulated. During this ‘optional’ time, a Password and Keyword can be set for a user within the location, in order to prepare for eventual mandatory requirement. The reason for this was to allow users to become used to the “look and feel” of the new security functions. However, it will not be possible to use the Password or Keyword as part of the sign in process until the function becomes mandatory for the location. Any attempt to enter a Password at time of sign in (whilst optional) will receive a system error.
A Webex recording has been created to explain and demonstrate the use of Passwords and Keywords and can been accessed via ASK answerid 29891.

Sine Agent is new functionality to help a location to manage sign-in requirements for each SID or location. A Sine Agent will be the Sine Table Administrator (STA) for a location or SID and will have the capability to add new users for a SID or location, also to reset passwords that have been locked or forgotten. This will entail using the Agent Information Table, a display that will show the user name, sine (sign-in code) and will indicate that a password and keyword have been defined. As well as user information, the Agent Information Table will be used to reset the user password if ever it is forgotten or the user count becomes locked. Each location will be required to appoint a person or persons (up to 9) to be the administrator (authorizer) of the Agent Information Table for every user at their location.

NB: Administrators must be sure to read sections 5 and 6 below.

This is not to be confused with Agency Security Record, this functionality remains unchanged. Also, locations that are using Sine Guard functionality (duty code: SG) will not need to implement Sine Agent.Sine Agent functionality will be released for general use on 15th February 2011 and will become mandatory for all locations that need the ability to add, change or delete sines, or reset passwords, from 21st April 2011. Whilst Sine Agent functionality will not initially be mandatory, we encourage all locations to start using the function as soon as possible in order to become familiar with its application. A new recorded presentation on Sine Table Administrator can be found on ASK Travelport, answer ID28522.
A Webex recorded presentation can be found in ASK Travelport, answer ID 27705 and will provide further guidance for the changes to be implemented here.

Customer Benefits
Providing security that will help prevent fraudulent activities and reduce risk of loss.

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