Galileo - New EM entry to Email Electronic Ticket(s)


PA 1257 (Version 01) Travelport ViewTrip for Galileo and Apollo - New EM entry to Email Electronic Ticket(s)

Load: 15-AUG-11


Galileo™, Apollo™ and Travelport ViewTrip™ have been enhanced so that an agent is able to directly send an email with the e-ticket (Electronic Ticket) receipt using a single command from the host. The agent will be able to select e-ticket receipts by specifying the corresponding passengers.

  • There are two distinct capabilities with this enhancement. The ability to email an itinerary with an attached e-ticket receipt or the ability to email just the e-ticket receipt.
  • The new EM entry has many different delimiters to enable the user to select exactly which Electronic Ticket, for which passenger(s), the format the data is to display in and for what language. The examples following show each of these options and the format used.
  • Using the ETRA delimiter will email the itinerary and attach a PDF file with the e-ticket receipts. These entry types are highlighted in blue.
Customer Benefit
  • The user will be able to email an Electronic Ticket Receipt at the completion of a Booking File or PNR (Passenger Name Record) on the host during the End Transaction process.
  • They will have the option to send the traveler both an itinerary and attached e-ticket in one entry.
Detail and Customer Examples

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