Galileo - Travelport Sponsored Flights Display Above Availability Display


Overview PA 1269 - version 01

Travelport Sponsored Flights allows suppliers to promote flights between selected city pairs to subscribers by providing a maximum of 3 lines of space above the neutral air availability display.
Subscribers using Focalpoint™, Viewpoint™ or Terminal Emulation will be able to sell from the sponsored flight lines.

Subscribers will not be provided the ability to opt out of Travelport Sponsored Flight displays or to filter them in certain circumstances.

Travelport Sponsored Flights will now be activated for all Apollo & Galileo PCCs in the following countries:

United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland,
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Iceland, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein and Romania.

If you have additional questions about Travelport Sponsored Flights, please go to ASK Travelport or contact your Travelport representative.

Customer Benefit

  • Subscribers will gain visibility of relevant offers for the flights they are searching. Typically airlines will promote flights where they have new service or promotional fares, which may not be otherwise apparent to the agent.
  • Airlines will be able to increase awareness for specific flights for a searched origin and destination.
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