Galileo - Confirmed load date: Hotel Rate Change at Time of Sell


Overview PA 1294 - version 03

Issue History: Version 01 - Issued 26-Sep-11; Version 02 – Issued 03-Oct-11
Reason for issue version 03: Confirmed load date

The rate change information will print on the ViewTrip itinerary. Rate change information will not print on the host itinerary / invoice or update GlobalWare and other back office products.

This functionality is available for structured data (SDD) customers. Optional data ID fields are used in SDD, XML Select, and GWS, but no version upgrades are necessary.

This enhancement will change the sell response and impact the screen display and extended hotel segment.

Customer Benefit

  • Rate change details at time of sell will allow the travel agents to communicate this information to the traveller
  • The traveller will have rate change details on their ViewTrip itinerary
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