Worldspan - New load date! Hotel List Filtering (/A option): display only available hotels


Overview PA 1095 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 26-Sep-11
Reason For Issuing version 02: Updated load to production date / time

Suppliers supporting Integrated Hotel Source availability return status codes to indicate if a property is available for sale, on request, closed out / not available, or rate plan other than specified is available. Below are the availability status codes.

A - Available For Sale
R - On Request
C - Closed Out/Not Available
O - Rate Plan Other Than Specified In Request Is Available

With this enhancement, when the /A is appended to the existing hotel List entry, the system will filter out properties with R, C, and O status codes returned by the Hotel Supplier and only display properties with an “A” for available for sale.

The /A option will only be accepted on a multi-chain entry and general (non-specific chain) entry. For example:


The /A option will not be accepted on a single chain entry. For example:


The /A will have a toggle and can be removed with a subsequent entry of HL/A or be entered as part of the Hotel List (HL) entry. For example, HLLON/D2JUN10JUN1/DD-20/A, adding the /A option to the HL entry will filter properties with O, C, or R and display only available properties. If you want to see all properties regardless of the availability status, you can toggle off the /A by entering HL/A. If you have requested all properties HLLON/D2JUN10JUN1/DD-20 and you want to only see availably properties, you can toggle /A on by entering HL/A.

Customer Benefit

  • Reduce search time by searching for only available properties
  • Eliminate multiple move downs when searching in areas with hundreds of hotels. The /A option filters properties not available and display only available properties.
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