Galileo - Confirmed load date: Display Rate Access Code in Hotel Segment


Overview PA 1314 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 13 Oct 11
Reason For Issuing version 02: Updating Load to Production Date

In the Apollo and Galileo GDS, negotiated rates may also be referred to as multi-level rates. The hotel supplier provides your agency or the corporate account with a unique code to be used as a search qualifier to shop for negotiated rates.

The unique code is referred to as a multi-level rate access code. You include the rate access code in your hotel availability request in order to shop for multi-level negotiated rates. The hotel supplier receives the rate access code in the availability request, validates it against the contract data that they have input internally, and then responds accordingly.

Hotel suppliers may return information pertaining to the negotiated rate in their response to the sell request. The type of information may vary by supplier and the field containing the information may vary by supplier.

With this enhancement, whenever a rate access code is used to book a negotiated rate at a hotel, the rate access code will be displayed in the hotel segment and saved in the Apollo PNR and Galileo Booking File.

Customer Benefit

Verification of the rate access code used to book the negotiated rate in the PNR/BF.

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