Galileo & Worldspan Impact Advisory: RESOLVED! Agency Private Fares Net Sell Contracts


  1. Any Rule ID with a selling level markup loaded as an amount needs to be opened and the amount value checked to see if still existing
  2. If not please re-add the amount, Save &Close the set selling level and commit the Rule ID
  3. If the amount is still shown, then please Save &Close each set selling level within the Rule ID and commit
  4. If any Rule ID has already had this applied but then an edit (any type) after the Rule ID again must follow steps 2 and 3


Travelport has been advised there is currently an issue with Agency Private Fares (APF) net sell contracts. If the selling fare is entered as an amount only when the contract is committed the selling level is no longer valid. As a result, the markup will not be affected in the fare display and pricing requests. Technicians are working on a resolution for this problem.

Until this is resolved, the work around is to open and save all the selling levels in the contract then recommit it. In addition, if a selling level or discount has been entered as zero percent the value is not showing in the APF contract but is being applied correctly in 360Fares.

No other advisories will be sent until the problem is resolved or the status changes.