Galileo - Increase Capacity of HMPR – HMPP – HMPS


Overview PA 1323 - version 01

The TINS Report, or Daily Activity Report, is a display that shows all of the ticketing related activity for a location. It includes ticket issues (sales), cancellations, exchanges and refunds.

This enhancement will significantly increase output capacity for Galileo HMPR*E/ or HMPP/ or HMPS/ entries. A new system prompt will be given when the agent reaches the maximum lines of data in their response and will include a new follow-on entry that will enable the agent to expand the display.

Additionally, the new entry appended to the response may be used as a linear entry to search, sort and/or add extra lines at any point in the HMPR*E or HMPP or HMPS display/printed output.

The entry may contain existing and new modifiers to filter data to display/print, as well as allow agents to display up to 10500 extra lines of data.

The linear entry will include:

  • A SOM (e.g. >)
  • The type of output originally requested, e.g. HMPR*E or HMPP or HMPS
  • Existing modifiers for fields currently in the HMPRR mask (e.g. PCC, Date, Currency)
  • New SEARCH- and SORT- modifiers will use Search and Sort selections from existing fields in the HMPRS mask.
  • New START- and NUML- modifiers will tell the system where to start adding lines and how many
    lines to add to HMPR*E, HMPP or HMPS display/print output.
Customer Benefit
  • Greatly increase capacity for HMPR*E, HMPP and HMPS displays and printed reports
  • Improve efficiency for targeting specific TINS data
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