Travelport Merchandising Solutions Sell Functionality (Galileo & Worldspan)


Overview PA 1338 - version 01

Travelport will shortly be enabling “display & sell” functionality within our Merchandising Solutions suite – a comprehensive and flexible set of travel sales and promotional marketing capabilities designed to enable travel suppliers, agency customers and corporations maximise and protect revenue, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

As airlines make their ancillary services available within Travelport’s GDS’s, agents need to be able to quickly and efficiently display, sell and fulfil these services for their clients within their workflow process.

In order to “Sell”, agents must first “Display” ancillary services. Refer to PA900 – Pricing and Shopping with Optional Services (Merchandising) for full information. A summary of cryptic “Display” commands can be found at Appendix 1 within this Product Advisory. A new Special Service Request – SSR ASVC will be introduced for ancillary services.

The Industry Standard fulfillment method for ancillary services is the Electronic Miscellaneous Document. Refer to PA1183 - Electronic Miscellaneous Document for full information. Other fulfillment methods may be supported in the future by airlines for their ancillary services and will be communicated in further Product Advisories relating to that airlines’ content.

To access Merchandising display & sell functionality from participating airlines, agency customers must first be activated. Agency customers will receive further notification in advance of the activation date of their country with details of available content. This activation will commence throughout 2012.

Agents should note that upon activation of their country, some merchandising content may be available to display but not to sell or fulfill. This may be due to an airline filing content for display purposes only or because an airline cannot yet support EMD fulfillment (refer to new error messages below). Travelport will advise Agency customers of new content that can be displayed, sold AND fulfilled as it becomes available in their country.

Impact summary:

  • New entries for Sell of Ancillary Services.
  • New SSR for Ancillary Services.
  • Agents will need to fulfill (collect applicable fee) the associated service via Electronic Miscellaneous Document.
  • Agency customer activation commences by country throughout 2012.
Customer Benefit
  • Processing efficiency and agent productivity is improved as display, sell and fulfillment of ancillary services will be available as part of the existing workflow.
  • Fully integrated with EMD (where supported by airline and country BSP).
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