Worldspan - Single Pricing Solution: Custom ‘Plus’ Pricing (updated)


Overview PA 1368 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 19-Dec-11
Reason For Issue: To advise of the reversal of the process described in the original version of this Advisory.

When an amount is added to the fare with a custom pricing format, the amount is assumed to be in the currency of origin. When the itinerary is international, that amount is then converted to NUCs, shown as a “plus” in the fare calculation, and added to the other NUC amounts. 

Worldspan users have the ability to enter an amount including decimals. When the NUC amount is converted to the currency of the base fare, rounding standards as published in IATA reso 24d will not be applied to the “plus-up” amount.

Rounding standards will continue to apply to the total NUC amount when a custom “discount” is applied, but not when applying custom pricing when increasing the fare.

Customer Benefit

This rounding process is in line with the legacy Worldspan processing, and eliminates customer impact.

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