Travelport System Maintenance Notice: TRW PROD Database Upgrades


The databases associated with the below TRW applications are being upgraded from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005.

  1. Viewtrip (including the GIDS Adapter)
  2. Viewtrip Email Service
  3. eAgent
  4. eAgent Web Services
  5. Journey Reporter (localdata DB only)
  6.  Content Management
  • Viewtrip active bookings are only expected to be interrupted for 1hr between 0445 and 0545 GMT
  • Viewtrip GIDS information (post flight data for those agencies with GIDS activated) is expected to be interrupted between 0200 and 0615 GMT
  • eAgent is expected to be interrupted between 0215 and 0545 GMT
  • The Interruption to Journey Reporter is expected to last from 0220 until 0405 GMT.
This activity has been scheduled at the most opportune window to minimize any business interruption to our customers.

For any related customer issues outside of this activity please report via your normal support contacts and processes.