Worldspan - Single Pricing Solution: Sunset Obsolete Error Messages


Overview PA 1357 - version 04

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 05-Dec-11; Version 02 – Issued 06-Dec-11; Version 03 – Issued 14-Dec-11
Reason For Issuing Version 04: Added ‘Key Note’ section to provide additional details on 4P and 4PLF processing.

The Worldspan FareSource pricing system returned several error messages for specific error conditions in response to a pricing request. Once implemented to the new Single Pricing platform, these error conditions are no longer valid and the associated error messages are obsolete.

Customer Benefit

Customers will see the standardized error message (ER113- No Fare Found for Class of Service Booked) returned when there is no valid pricing solution for an itinerary.

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