Galileo - Updated: Validating Carrier Ticketing Fees


Overview PA 665 - version 11

Issue History: Version 01 - Issued 04-Mar-09; Version 02 - Issued 20-Apr-09; Version 03 - Issued 09-Jun-09; Version 04 – Issued 03-Jul-09; Version 05 – Issued 28-Jul-09; Version 06 – Issued 29-Jul-09; Version 07 – Issued 27-Aug-09; Version 08 – Issued 20-Dec-10; Version 09 – Issued 07-Mar-11; Version 10 – Issued 08-Aug-11
Reason For Issuing version 11: From 1st February 2012, Air Berlin will implement credit card fees for tickets issued in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and the United Kingdom. Please refer to Air Berlin agent communication for further detail.

The following new functionality in fare display and ticketing will automate the process in determining whether ticketing fees are applicable to the E-Ticket transaction and include these fees with the transaction.

It is at the discretion of each carrier whether to impose these charges. Carriers will notify travel agents in relevant countries.
Initial use will be for credit card surcharges in selected countries.

Customer Benefit

New automated means for agents to collect Carrier “Ticketing Fees” imposed by participating airlines.

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