Update on United Airlines’ System Integration


Below you will find key information to supplement United’s previous communications outlining its policies with regard to the integration.

Key Information You Need to Know

Travel agencies globally will experience some functionality and product changes. We encourage you to be informed so you can anticipate and make changes to your business processes as necessary.
  • There will be one carrier code: UA 
  • There will be one ticket stock: 016
  • The sale of tickets on CO 005 ticket stock will stop.
  • PNRs containing CO segments will automatically change to UA segments.
  • PNRs containing CO segments with schedule changes for UA segments need to be updated.
  • CO flight schedule and availability displays will change to UA.
  • CO fares in fare displays, quotes and shopping functionalities will change to UA.
  • CO 005 tickets changed after integration (voluntary or involuntary) will require special processing as the new ticket must be issued on UA 016 stock.
** Important **

United is endorsing the practice of travel agencies proactively booking CO flights as a UA codeshare and plating on UA 016 ticket stock effective February 1, 2012. This will reduce the number of 005 tickets requiring change after integration.

Significant changes take effect on the day of integration

  • Beginning at 01:00 ET on Saturday, March 3, 2012, and for a period of up to four hours, certain UA functions will be restricted in all GDSs worldwide as UA’s reservation system is moved. Restricted capabilities will impact real-time bookings for UA via the GDS, as well as electronic ticketing, seat selection, and the display of passenger names and FLIFO in existing PNRs.
  • For voluntary or involuntary changes to ticketed PNRs on CO 005 ticket stock, United will perform the reissue/exchange transactions.
  • After the capability for the original issuance of CO 005 ticket sales is discontinued, travel agents will be able to fully or partially refund 005 tickets in Galileo and Worldspan. This functionality will be available for six months after the day of integration. The exact end date will be communicated to agencies.
  • For countries in which refund transactions are not performed via the GDS, partial or full refund transactions can be requested through the BSP link.
  • United’s 11-digit frequent traveler (FQTV) number will change to an 8-character alphanumeric account number. However, from the day of integration until the last day of March 2012, UA will accept Mileage Plus numbers with 8 or 11 digits. One Mileage Plus number per person will be allowed.
  • For any CO segments containing SSRs that are not yet confirmed, it will be necessary to re-request these SSRs for the new UA segments.

See the Updated Product Advisory and More

  • We encourage you to review all information made available from United.
Be assured that Travelport-connected agencies will remain as equipped and competitive as agencies using any other GDS. After the transition, United will continue to use Travelport’s highest level of connectivity supported by the airline’s new host system. For features and functions not currently supported by United’s new system and, as such, not initially available in any GDS, Travelport and United are committed to working together to bring additional functionality to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your vigilance, preparation and support as we work together to make this transition easy for your agency and staff, and as seamless as possible for your valued customers. Both Travelport and United will be communicating with you as this important transition approaches.

Contact Information for United and Continental

  • CO ticketed reservations: Executive Accounts Desk: 1.800.451.1000
  • UA ticketed reservations: Solutions Center: TMCplus or UCS contracted accounts may call 1.888.306.2746. Non-contracted accounts may call 1.800.864.8331