Reminder! Continental and United Merger Reservations Functionality Changes


Overview PA 1324 - version 05

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 25-Oct-11; Version 02 – Issued 19-Dec-11; Version 03 – Issued 31-Jan-12; Version 04 – Issued 20-Feb-12
Reason For Issuing version 05: Fifth Notification with additional important information

During the fourth quarter of 2010 Continental and United Airlines announced their plan to merge and operate as a single airline. This merge is in process and will be effective in early March of 2012. This merge impacts all GDS’.

This merge brings one change:

The Continental code (CO) will be changed to the UA code.

All booking files or PNRs that contain Continental (CO) segments will be changed to UA segments.
All Continental (CO) flight schedules and availability displays will be changed to UA.
All Continental (CO) fares in fare display, fare quotes and shopping functionalities will be changed tp UA.

Migration Details

The United migration will begin at approximately 01:00 ET Saturday, March 3, 2012, the duration will be 2.5 hours aproximately. It is highly recommended to issue all tickets for the Continental itineraries before this change occurs.

The following functionality will be restricted for a certain period of time for itineraries with UA.

PNR & Ticketing restrictions

  • Ticketing , exchanges and refunds with 005 and 016 plates will be inhibited. begining 01:00 a.m. on the 3rd of March
  • All interactive products with CO and UA will be turned off at 02:00 ET
  • CO flights will be suppressed from availability
  • UA availability will be displayed. We recommend that you don’t sell UA during this period
  • PNR update during this time will be in pending status
  • As off 04:30 a.m. this merger will be completed and will be UA
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