Galileo & Worldspan - Available Now: Exclude Modifier for Economy Unbundled Fares


Overview PA 1422 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 15-Mar-12
Reason For Issuing version 02: Available now for Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan

At the request of major airlines, ATPCO have created two new fare type codes for ‘Economy Unbundled’ fares. These new fare type codes are EOU (Economy Unbundled one-way) and ERU (Economy Unbundled round-trip).

The intent of these new fare type codes is to allow airlines to distribute lower-priced fares that do not include additional services (e.g. advance seat assignment) and may have restrictions on other farerelated data such as change and cancellation policies.

Travelport’s Best Buy/Low Fare Finder ($BB/FQBB/4PLF) and e-Pricing Shopping search logic (FS/$P) seeks to provide the lowest available fare for any given itinerary and by default, will automatically consider economy unbundled fares.

It is anticipated that economy unbundled fares will often represent the lowest available fare (subject to availability), but as a result of their restrictive nature may not be the desired fare result for all customers.

A new, optional modifier (FXD) to exclude economy unbundled fares is being released for Best Buy/Low Fare Finder and e-Pricing shopping transactions to allow travel agency users to exclude these fares from consideration when searching for lowest fare information.

A future release of the new optional modifier will expand support for this exemption to Fare Quote, Itinerary Pricing, Rapid Reprice and ARNE transaction types.

Customer Benefit

  • Ensures Travelport subscribers have access to carriers’ full fares content
  • Optional modifier to exclude economy unbundled fares from low fare search products.
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