Galileo & Worldspan - Alpha-Numeric Tax Codes (updated)


Overview PA 1409 - version 06

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued – 11-Mar-2012; Version 02 – Issued – 17-Apr-2012; Version 03 – Issued – 24-Jun-2012; Version 04 – Issued – 29-Jun-2012; Version 05 - Issued - 09-Jul-2012
Reason For Issuing version 06: 
Sixth Notification: Removal of test data information from this Product Advisory that no longer applies. Removal of Tax information in line with PA 1537.


Travelport will fully process and display any new IATA Alpha/Numeric tax codes and output the applicable taxes including any with a new Alpha/Numeric code in the tax line and in the XT tax breakdown, if applicable, in all pricing/fare quote, shopping and Travelport Rapid Reprice™ responses. Travelport will not be prepared to accept ANY Numeric/Alpha tax codes at this time including those that individual carriers have reserved for their own use. There is no scheduled date for Travelport to expand to accept Numeric/Alpha or Numeric/Numeric tax codes.
New Alpha/Numeric tax codes will also be reflected on Travelport issued tickets as well as Filed Fares, Stored Fare Quotes, and Ticketing Records. For customers who parse through data, Alpha/Numeric tax codes may have an impact because the tax value is also numeric.

Customer Benefit

Acceptance and processing of any new IATA Alpha/Numeric tax codes. Customers who currently have access to the test system will be able to test their internal systems for acceptance and processing of Alpha/Numeric tax codes using the fictitious Alpha/Numeric tax codes.

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