Galileo - ViewTrip™ Suppression of Freeform Remarks on Tour Segments and On-line Check-in for Austrian Airlines


Overview PA 1427 - version 01

In many cases the agent does not want the associated freeform text on the itinerary page for Tour Segments to display. For an agent to ensure that the desired freeform text is displayed they must precede the freeform text area with two asterisks ‘**”.When the freeform text area of a Tour segment is not preceded by two asterisk ‘**’, ViewTrip will not display the freeform text on the itinerary page.

ViewTrip will now provide an online check-in link directly to Austrian Airlines for those users that have a booking on Austrian Airlines.

ViewTrip has removed the online check-in link for Royal Brunei.

Customer Benefit

  • The enhancement will allow an agent to control which freeform text messages are viewable by the traveller.
  • When displaying itinerary through ViewTrip, the user will now be able to check-in on-line if travelling on Austrian Airlines.
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