Galileo - New Meal Plan Codes for RoomMaster™ (new load date)


Overview PA 1423 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 - issued - 02-Apr-12
Reason For Issuing version 02: To advise a new Load to Production date

New meal plan information is being enabled for supplier use. This information is optional for the supplier to return. When the supplier does return meal plan information, it is currently displayed on Apollo and Galileo Focalpoint Hotel Complete Availability (HOC) responses, Rate Rule (HOV) responses and sell responses. Meal plan information is supported in Viewpoint via Rate Rule displays and sell responses.

Customers who use XML Select and Galileo Web Services to connect to Apollo and Galileo also receive meal plan information in the Hotel Complete Availability response, Rate Rule response and sell response. There is no change being made to the message structures to support the additional meal plan codes. The change is that new meal plan codes are being enabled for use in the existing message structure.

Customer Benefit

  • More descriptive meal plan information is available when shopping.
  • Meal plan information is saved in the PNR/BF.
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