Worldspan Single Pricing – Fare Type Selection


Overview PA 1458 - version 01

ATPCO and SITA fare filing logic requires fare type and display category values for every published fare. ATPCO publishes a Fare Type Matrix to describe the recommended relationships between these two values but there are no formal definitions. As a result, airline vendors may file different values for similar fares, leading to inconsistent fare retrieval results among different airlines.

For example, an airline vendor may file a fare with a fare type Special Instant Purchase, but a display category of Normal. As a result, these fares would be returned when using the NL fare type option in a fare display request. Another airline vendor may file similar fares with the same fare type (Special Instant Purchase), but a display category of Excursion. These fares would not be returned when using the NL fare type option in a fare display request. Fare type EX would be required to display these fares.

In order to reduce these inconsistencies, Travelport 360 Fares™ validates the ATPCO or SITA fare type filed by the airline vendor and maps that fare type to a Travelport 360 Fares fare grouping that aligns with the ATPCO Fare Type Matrix. Using the above example, any fare filed with a fare type of Special Instant Purchase will be mapped to the Excursion fare grouping and will displayed when fare type EX is included in the fare display request.

This fare selection logic is for fare display only. There is no impact to fare pricing.

Customer Benefit

Travelport 360 Fares produces consistent fare display results according to fare type.

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