Worldspan - New Power Pricing™ Options


Overview PA 1468 - version 01

Three enhancements have been implemented to Power Pricing (4PLI) for Worldspan to align it with features available in Power Shopper™ ($P) for Worldspan and with features available in Galileo Optimal Shopping (for Apollo) and Galileo Focalpoint Shopping (for Galileo). They will apply to both green screen (terminal emulation) and structured data users and have been implemented only for Travelport e-Pricing. Green screen Worldspan Go!™ scripts have been updated to include these enhancements.

The enhancements are:

  • Restrict Overnight Connections
  • Restrict Maximum Connect Time
  • Anchored Flight Searches
Restrict Overnight Connections

Power Pricing’s (4PLI) method of providing low airfare options allows it to return itineraries that include overnight (next-day) connections that may be undesirable to customers. In 2010, logic was implemented in Power Shopper ($P) for Worldspan, Optimal Shopping (for Apollo) and in Galileo Focalpoint Shopping (for Galileo). These allow users to restrict overnight connections based upon a user-specified time window. This enhancement now allows this feature to be used in Power Pricing (4PLI) for Worldspan.

Restrict Maximum Connect Time

This allows users to exclude Power Pricing (4PLI) itinerary options that exceed a user specified maximum ground time. The feature is already available in Power Shopper™ ($P) for Worldspan and Galileo Optimal Shopping (for Apollo) and Galileo Focalpoint Shopping (for Galileo). When a maximum connect time value is included in the request, the system excludes connections that exceed the specified time when returning itinerary options, provided the user specified value meets or exceeds the MCT (Minimum Connect Time) for the airport and carrier involved.

Anchored Flight Searches

Anchored flight searches allow the specification of a flight number in a Power Pricing (4PLI) request for each segment of a booked itinerary. The shopping transaction and resulting alternate options are then based on the specified flight number(s) and relevant date and city pair. Anchored flight searches allow users to view alternate itinerary options that are paired only with the specified anchored flight(s). Anchored flight searches are available in Power Shopper for Worldspan. In Optimal Shopping (for Apollo) and Galileo Focalpoint Shopping (for Galileo), anchored search is only available for Apollo and Galileo
subscribers via GWS and is not part of Terminal Emulation.

Customer Benefit
  • Increases agent efficiency by triggering searches for alternate itineraries that meet the requirements of travelers and eliminate itinerary options deemed undesirable by a traveler
  • Eliminates potential inconveniences that could occur when agents quote prices to travelers prior to realizing that the itinerary involves unacceptable connecting services 
  • Provides comparable functionality between Worldspan pricing and shopping product suites
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