Worldspan Trip Manager™ Inhibit Duplicate Bookings and Baggage URL Update


Overview PA 1476 - version 01

Inhibit Duplicate Bookings Enhancement

The Inhibit Duplicate Booking enhancement provides administrators a way to prevent a user from reserving a flight that is in conflict with any existing trips. If the administrator chooses not to prohibit duplicate bookings, Trip Manager will present a warning to the user to advise them that they are attempting to reserve dates that may be in conflict with a trip they already reserved.

Baggage URL Update Enhancement

To comply with a DoT mandate, the Baggage URL update enhancement changes the hyperlink to direct the user to the baggage URL of the Most Significant Carrier (MSC) versus the operating carrier. For a single carrier trip it will be the same as the marketing carrier. On multiple carrier trips the link may take the user to an airline different than the one they are traveling on for that leg of the trip, based on the determination of the MSC.

Customer Benefit

Currently Trip Manager does not advise or stop the user when the trip they are booking is in conflict with an existing trip. The Inhibit Duplicate Bookings enhancement provides the ability for the user to prevent duplicate bookings and avoid debit memos from the airlines.

The update to the baggage hyperlink URL provides the user with a link to the airline whose baggage rules apply to the trip. This ensures the user is aware of the correct baggage allowance and fees.

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