Worldspan - Bridge Branch Table Private Fares (PRV) Processing


Overview PA 1486 - version 01

Airlines have the option to file CAT15 and CAT35 Private Fares as a Type-H (Defined as an IATA location) or Type-U (Defined as a SID location) fare type. These Worldspan IATA or SIDs can then redistribute the fares from the ‘Home Location’ that is the Type-H or Type-U to Bridge Branch (secondary locations). The secondary locations are defined in an internal Travelport table, i.e. Bridge Branch table. By use of this method, ‘home’ agencies can permit access to a Private Fare for a secondary user whose IATA or SID has not been specified as CAT15 or CAT35. Processing will be allowed for up to 10 ‘home’ locations that have been granted authority in the PRV column of the Bridge Branch table.

Customer Benefit

Allows access for Private Fare view and price from up to 10 locations without emulation.

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