Travelport ViewTrip™ for Worldspan – Static Itinerary in email and email options for E-ticket Record and Electronic Expense Receipts


Overview PA 1474 - version 01

Include the itinerary within the email

This enhancement will include all of the itinerary content within the email sent to the customer or traveler. Travel Agencies currently send ViewTrip emails, the email itself simply contains a link that sends the reader back out to the in order to actually view the itinerary.

A new setting will be added to the Office Admin that allows agencies to choose whether or not the itinerary is included in the body of the email. When set to “Off”, the itinerary will not be included within the email, maintaining the pre-existing functionality. The default is unchecked for no email content, so the agency will be required to turn it to yes if they wish to include the itinerary content in the email.

The new Office Admin setting will determine not only whether the itinerary is to be included/excluded in emails generated from ViewTrip and the Host (5-MT) entry, but also whether it is to be included/excluded in emails that are generated from Worldspan Desktop Go! Scripts for ViewTrip.

This enhancement also enables new email functionality so that the e-ticket and electronic expense pages can also be emailed to customer or traveler.

Customer Benefit

  • This effort enhances the email by including the passenger’s itinerary in its body, enabling the customer to quickly verify that the booking is correct. In addition, they do not need to make any additional clicks or go to another page to view.
  • Now the traveler can get an emailed copy of the ViewTrip E-ticket and Expense Records.
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