Travelport ViewTrip™ Mobile for Galileo™ and Worldspan™ (updated)


Overview PA 1495 - version 02

Reason For Issuing version 02: New Load to Production time. Added clarity on synchronizing the itinerary to the traveler’s mobile device. Please see the Overview section.
Issue History: Version 01 – Issued – 11-Jun-12

Travelport ViewTrip Mobile is a mobile application that will provide travel agencies the capability to push a traveler’s itinerary to their mobile device. This mobile service provides traveller itinerary detail along with features such as weather, maps, parking reminders and useful airport and city guides. From the agency perspective, Travelport ViewTrip Mobile provides an effortless service by automatically pushing itinerary details to a customer’s mobile device providing added value with no additional steps to the agency workflow. The agency simply continues generating the emailed itinerary to their customer as they do today.

For the itinerary to be automatically synchronized to the traveler’s mobile device, the agency must continue to generate an email from Travelport ViewTrip using either host email commands or by generating an email from Travelport ViewTrip online. A secondary method for synchronizing the itinerary to the traveler’s mobile device is when the traveler displays their itinerary in Travelport ViewTrip online or signs into Travelport ViewTrip Mobile from Travelport ViewTrip online.

The email address used by the agency to email the traveler’s itinerary must be the same email address used by the travelers when they initially registered for Travelport ViewTrip Mobile.

In order to synchronize an itinerary generated by Enhanced Itinerary to Travelport ViewTrip Mobile, the traveler will have to click the link and retrieve the itinerary on Travelport ViewTrip online. (This action will cause the online itinerary to be pushed to Travelport ViewTrip Mobile for registered users).

Travelport has partnered with Mantic Point Solutions Ltd to develop these mobile services. Travelport ViewTrip Mobile is offered to Travelport serviced agencies and corporations currently using Travelport ViewTrip. The product is fully integrated to all Travelport systems; Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan.

  • Travelport ViewTrip Mobile can be accessed via iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices using iOS v3.2 or higher as well as Android devices using iOS v2.1 or higher.
  • This ‘soft launch’ will be available to selected countries only.
  • Itineraries already stored on the application will be updated with trip modifications when Travelport ViewTrip sends updates via Mantic Point.
  • Air, car, hotel and rail segment information will display in the mobile application.
  • Users will have the ability to manually add non GDS/ViewTrip itineraries or trips in the mobile application. However trips or events manually added will not be reflected in Travelport ViewTrip. 
  • Blackberry and Mobile Web services are in development, release date to be advised.
Customer Benefit

An easy to use mobile application with clear travel information and additional guides and services specific to the traveler’s itinerary details.

There will be no change to the current workflow for agency users. The link to register or view an itinerary on the mobile device will automatically appear on the itinerary page. The itinerary will be automatically pushed to the mobile device for every Travelport ViewTrip registered mobile traveler when the email is generated from Travelport ViewTrip to that particular customer.

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