Galileo & Worldspan - Tax Verbiage Change on Printed Itinerary Receipts DoT Mandate (updated!)


Overview PA 1509 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 02-Jul-12
Reason For Issuing version 02: Update to DYO verbiage

On the 24th January 2012, the US Department of Transportation (DoT) has mandated for trips wholly within the U.S. or to/from the U.S. that full baggage allowance and baggage charges data must be displayed at fare quote, added to e-ticket receipt at ticketing and included in email trip confirmations.

This additional revision is to update the verbiage for ALL printed e ticket confirmation documentation.

DoT’s Consumer Protection Rules

Effective January 26 2012, when advertising or soliciting airfares or tour/cruise packages including air, you must state/display the full and final price to be paid by the consumer, including all mandatory fees and charges (i.e. government-imposed taxes and fees and travel agency fees). This rule applies to airfares within, to or from the U.S. If you operate an online consumer booking tool that offers airfares and/or tour/cruise packages that contain an air component. You should consult with your system providers (i.e. GDS and booking tool provider) to ensure the necessary updates will be in place by January 26 2012. Likewise, if you advertise airfares or cruise/tour packages including an air component, please be certain that your ads contain the full and final “all inclusive” price.

Customer Benefit

DoT mandate compliancy.

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