Travelport Rapid Reprice™ Country Activation - Belgium


Overview PA 1511 - version 01

Travelport Rapid Reprice™ will be made available to Worldspan™ agency subscribers in Belgium. Travelport Rapid Reprice will automatically calculate the new price for the re-issue of an electronic ticket on a participating carrier. Travelport Rapid Reprice uses historical data, current fares and rules to reprice a revised itinerary. It will display results, including any additional collection (fares and taxes) and penalty fee amounts.

Upon end of transaction of the process, Worldspan agency users will be able to issue a new ticket using the stored fare and system created instruction (DI) line created from the result returned from Travelport Rapid Reprice. Upon ticketing, all applicable documentation will automatically be updated for reporting of the re-issue transaction in Belgium.

Implementation of this product will provide Worldspan subscribers in Belgium the ability to use Rapid Reprice in order to re-issue a ticket when a customer makes a voluntary change to their itinerary. This process will only apply to tickets on carriers who file Category 31 data with ATPCO and are participants in the Travelport Rapid Reprice product. For the most up to date list of airlines participating in Travelport Rapid Reprice please see Ask Travelport answer number 16438. Worldspan system users may also review the information page - INFO REISSUEPART.

Customer Benefit

  • The time and cost associated with the process of exchanging an electronic ticket for a passenger making a voluntary change is greatly reduced
  • Accurate results based on the information filed by the airline and within their reissue policy
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