Travelport ViewTrip™ Department of Transportation (DoT) Mandate Displaying Baggage Details on Electronic Ticket


Overview PA 1522 - version 01

Effective on 24-Jan-12, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) has mandated that for trips wholly within the U.S. or to/from the U.S. full baggage allowance and baggage charges are to be displayed at fare quote, on e-ticket receipts at ticketing and on email trip confirmations.

Sometimes the host will return baggage data for trips outside of the U.S. if the information is made available. In this situation, Travelport ViewTrip will also present this baggage information to the customer.

Airline Tariff link:

ATPCO has developed a baggage solution that supports the airline industry by providing carriers, global distribution systems, online travel agencies and other travel resellers with a comprehensive database of airline baggage policies. Via ‘Baggage Allowance and Charges’ airlines can deliver accurate and consistent baggage information to passengers through all sales channels and all touch points from reservations to check-in. Not all carriers will file baggage data via ATPCO. Travelport will develop another method to obtain baggage data from carriers that do not file with ATPCO. For non-ATPCO airlines, Travelport ViewTrip will only present the airline or carrier link and display this on the Electronic ticket Receipt. Travelport ViewTrip has been enhanced to disclose this data on the Electronic ticketing page to satisfy this baggage mandate. All baggage details that are displayed in Travelport ViewTrip will be a replica of what is filed in the GDS system. The baggage data will not be manipulated within or

Customer Benefit

  • The customer will have all baggage allowance details accessible on their electronic ticket page in and
  • Baggage details are for both checked and carry-on bag(s)
  • In addition to the baggage data, a link to the airline carrier baggage website will be provided. The customer can get to it by selecting the ‘Confirm Baggage Fees’ link directly underneath the baggage data
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