Worldspan Single Pricing – Ticketing Code and Ticket Designator (updated!)


Overview PA 1214 - version 11

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 13-Jul-11; Version 02 – Issued 24-Oct-11; Version 03 – Issued 09-Nov-11; Version 04 – Issued 16-Nov-11; Version 05 – Issued 28-Nov-11; Version 06 – Issued 06-Dec-11; Version 07 – Issued 14-Dec-11; Version 08 – Issued 28-Jun-12; Version 09 – Issued 06-Jul-12; Version 10 – Issued 13-Jul-12; Version 11 – Issued 10-Aug-12
Reason For Issuing version 11: Update to Best Practices information; Example provided relating to the maximum number of characters.

Currently, when a fare quote involves a passenger type discount filed in ATPCO/SITA Automated Rules categories 19-22, Travelport’s FareSource and e-Pricing™ systems append a ticket designator composed of a two letter passenger code and the discount percent, e.g. CH25 to indicate a children’s discount of 25 percent off the adult fare. This is done regardless of the ticketing code and/or ticket designator data filed in Category 19-22 of the rule and may not always reflect the filing airline vendor’s intent.

With this enhancement, current internal FareSource and e-Pricing™ code to programmatically create and append ticket designators to fares created from Categories 19-22 will be discontinued, and ticketing code, ticket designator, and discount information will be output according to the ATPCO/SITA filed data.

Changes will be applicable to Fare Pricing and Shopping.

When fares are created from Categories 19-22 and multiple ticketing codes and/or ticket designators exist in Record 1, Categories 19-22, Category 25 – Fare by Rule and Category 35 – Negotiated Fares (ticket designator only), ticketing codes ticket and/or designators for the fares created will be processed per ATPCO/SITA ticket designator hierarchy. (See the Detail and Customer Examples section below for an explanation of the hierarchy).

No change is being made to how passenger discounts themselves are being applied.

No change is being made to the output formatting of fare basis codes, ticketing codes, and ticket designators which are truncated in the fare quote and shopping responses.

Changes to Travelport Rapid Reprice™ are not required to reissue tickets originally issued utilizing ticketing code and ticket designator hierarchy processing. However, to ensure correct application of all applicable discounts during the reissue process, carriers should file Category19-22 ticketing codes instead of Category 19-22 ticket designators.

Customer Benefit

Airline and agency customers can take advantage of the automated rule data filed in ATPCO/SITA Categories 19-22, Category 35, and Record 1.

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