Worldspan - Interactive Frequent Flyer Verification on Finnair for Worldspan Users


Overview PA 1534 - version 1

Worldspan (1P) supports Interactive Frequent Flyer Verification functionality (IFQTV) and from August 7th 2012, Finnair (AY) will be the newest participant in Interactive Frequent Flyer Verification. Interactive Frequent Flyer Verification allows the participating airline to interactively validate that the Frequent Flyer number is valid for the passenger before the number is entered into the Booking File and sent to the airline in the booking message. This will ensure the passenger will always receive mileage credit for the flights, and will eliminate associated passenger service issues.

Customer Benefit

  • Frequent Flyer programs have increased in importance to both the airlines and their passengers
  • This product will ensure AY will always have the correct Frequent Flyer number in their PNR, ensuring the passenger will always receive their Frequent Flyer credit

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