Galileo & Worldspan - Tax Text Displays and Extension of Alpha/Numeric Test Data (UPDATED)


Overview PA 1537 - version 07

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued – 01-Aug-12; Version 02 – Issued: 13-Aug-12; Version 03 – Issued: 24-Aug-12; Version 04 – Issued: 06-Sep-12; Version 05 – Issued: 13-Sep-12
Reason For Issuing version 06: Seventh Notification: Removal of Fictitious Tax Test Information from this
Product Advisory.

ATPCO will be the source of Tax Text data on the Apollo and Galileo cores; as a result, the response displays will appear slightly different than before. Terminal entries to access Tax Text by country will not change.

Galileo – FTAX-XX (where XX is the 2-Letter Country Code)
Apollo - $TAX-XX (where XX is the 2-Letter Country Code)

An index of all applicable tax codes for a country will now be displayed along with the format to display the individual tax information.

Formats to display individual taxes will include the country code followed by a slash and the specific tax code.

  • Note: Airline customers who access 360 Fares through the Galileo system will also be accessing ATPCO data but will need to continue to scroll down to see the data for all applicable taxes for a country. ATOs and CTOs will not see the index screen
ATPCO will also be the source of the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) text data on the Apollo and Galileo cores. Formats to access the text and displays will not change:

Galileo - FTAX*PFC-XXX (where XXX is the 3-letter Airport Code
Apollo - $PFC-XXX (where XXX is the 3-letter Airport Code

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