Travelport Rapid Reprice™ DOT Baggage Mandate (new load date!)


Overview PA 1501 - version 03

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued – 24-Jun-12; Version 02 – Issued – 06-Aug-12
Reason For Issuing version 03: Load to Production and Load to Copy dates for ARNE have changed.

Effective 24 January 2012, the US Department of Transportation (DoT) mandated for trips wholly within the U.S. or to/from the U.S. that free baggage allowance, baggage charges for the 1st and 2nd checked bags , baggage size and carry-on charges must be displayed at re-price for reissues.

On January 6, 2012, the DoT issued a notice they would not enforce sections 399.85(c) and 399.87 for a six month period with respect to interline and code share itineraries involving travel to/from/within the US.
Beginning on July 24 2012, carriers and data providers must disclose baggage details for all itineraries on travel to/from/within the US including code share and interline itineraries. For more information on the US DoT mandate, go to:

The purpose of this document is to detail how this information will be presented in Travelport for reissues.

Customer Benefit

  • Complete and accurate baggage information
  • User friendly displays and advisory messages
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