Galileo - Private and Historical Fares for Fare Quote Planner (updated)


Overview PA 1540 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued – 13-Aug-12
Reason For Issuing version 02: To update the error message for the example of, Rule ID with more than four
characters. Although a Rule ID can only be a maximum of four characters presently, Galileo will accept up to eight characters (characters five through eight are ignored) to allow for possible future expansion.

Fare Quote Planner (FQP) allows a customer to obtain one or more fare quote(s) for a proposed itinerary without booking flights. It currently considers public fares only. Fare Quote Planner includes Fare Quote Quick (FQQ), which uses the same formats but returns only the lowest fare for a proposed itinerary.

With this enhancement:

  • FQP will consider Airline Private Fares and Travelport Agency Private Fares (including net fares when specifically requested) when building pricing solutions for the requested itinerary
  • A past ticketing date and past travel dates can be input to request historical fares
Current FQP fare selection logic selects the lowest eligible fare for each of up to 10 fare types:
  • First class
  • Business class
  • Normal economy
  • Excursion
  • Super PEX
  • PEX
  • Super APEX
  • APEX
  • Eurobudget
  • Lowest fare
With this enhancement, the lowest fare for each fare type will include eligible private fares. Enhancements described in this advisory apply to the Galileo™ system.

Customer Benefit

Customers using the FQP product will have access to:
  • Airline Private Fares and Travelport Agency Private Fares that make up an increasing percentage of the fares offered in the current travel environment
  • Historical pricing solutions based on a past ticketing date for past or future travel dates
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