Travelport Rooms and More™ Important Policy Update


Overview PA 1544 - version 01

This advisory contains notification of three enhancements.

In order to book hotels in Travelport Rooms and More, you must create an account and one of the required fields for creating an account is an email address. As standard practice, Travelport recommends that the email address you use for the account is your own email address. This way, you receive an email of the booking made and can forward this to your customer. Travelport Rooms and More also allows for using your own credit card to pay for the booking and to charge your customer separately. has a unique policy requiring you to use the customer’s details in all bookings.

Rooms and More now supports the Canadian Dollar currency for commission payments.

Some suppliers now require state code information for the credit card used to make the booking when the card was issued from Argentina, Australia or Brazil.

Customer Benefit

  • Being aware of the unique policy of will help you avoid issues when booking hotel content in Travelport Rooms and More provided by
  • Travelport Rooms and More displays the unique policy of clearly at time of booking thus helping you avoid errors when entering email address and credit card information for the booking
  • Commission payment in Canadian Dollars may now be selected if desired
  • Travelport Rooms and More has been enhanced to obtain the credit card information needed by some suppliers to make a booking
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