Travelport Net Fare Manager - Screen Changes - Updated!


Overview PA 1504 - version 03

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued – 24-Jun-12   Version 02 – Issued – 28-Sep-12
Reason For Issuing version 02: Document title has been updated to provide additional clarity.

Travelport Net Fare Manager (NFM) is a new product that will allow subscribers to easily create selling fares based upon  airline filed net fares. The net fares can be specified fares or net fares created using category 25. NFM is accessed via the Agency Private Fares (APF) GUI. However unlike APF fares, NFM selling fares do not have their own tariff and rule, these are accessed via the airline filed tariff and rule. NFM subscribers can search for all or specific carrier tariff rules where the airline has given them update and redistribution authority in Category 35. From the search results the subscriber has the ability to create selling fares globally for an entire airline tariff and rule; alternatively they can enter selling fares at a detailed level such as market, fare class and/or cabin.

Customer Benefit

  • Notification when an airline files a Net Fare giving the Travelport Net Fare Manager (NFM) supplier the authority to create a selling fare
  • A NFM supplier has a choice of quickly creating selling levels and distributing them using the Global Selling level screen or they can choose to use the Detailed Selling Level screen to create selling fares for specific criteria such as cabin, fare class and/or market
  • A NFM supplier can set a selling level for specified net fares or net fares filed using Category 25 – Fare by Rule
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