Worldspan - Alpha Numeric Tax Codes (EZ Air Fare Override Option) Updated!


Overview PA 1583 - version 03

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued – 01-Oct-12 Version 02 – Issued – 09-Nov-12
Reason for issue version 03: Notification that Load to Production date changed.

Travelport will fully process and display any new IATA Alpha Numeric tax codes and output the applicable tax data for any new Alpha Numeric tax code. All current processes that include a tax code will now output and display tax data to include the new Alpha Numeric tax code. Two of the current formats for ticketing options that are input in the EZ entry will need to be changed. The two options are the @B option for the input of an air fare override and the L option for the input of land charges. Both of these options allow for the input of a fare or base amount, tax codes/tax amounts and a total amount. These two options use single ‘Alpha’ characters to identify what an amount represents, such as ‘T’ for the total amount. When using the current formats for these two options it not possible to determine if the single ‘Alpha’ character is the Alpha for an Alpha numeric tax code or if it is a single Alpha field identifier for one of the other amounts.
In order for these single Alpha field identifiers to still be recognized in these two options, the current format for the @B option and the L option will require a change. The change to the formats for these two options for the input of a tax code is being made in order to recognize that the ‘Alpha’ identifier input relates to an Alpha numeric tax code.

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