Galileo - Travelport Booking Feed (TBF) – Additional Triggers


Overview PA 1589 version 1

Travelport Booking Feed (formerly known as GIDS) is a comprehensive data source that collects both pre and post ticketing data from the Apollo™ and Galileo™ host GDS systems. Through its flexible reporting and analytical capabilities, it enables travel related businesses to meet the growing needs of their customers for performance monitoring and tailored reporting.

Customer Benefit

  • Current triggers will remain in place today (Initial End Transact, Itinerary change, Fare data change, Split/divide, Name field changed & Ticketing Event)
  •  Data captured today will remain exactly the same, however when for example a notepad item is
    added/changed this would cause an ADDITIONAL booking event
  • Galileo (1G) – additional triggers include Phone/email changed, Notepad item changed, Invoice
    remarks changed & FOP field changed

 Click here for more details,examples and load date.