Worldspan™ - Allow Name Changes for Ticketed PNRs


Overview PA 1607:
The Worldspan™ system will allow travel agents the ability to perform name changes on Passenger Name Records (PNRs), after an Electronic ticket has been issued. A name change includes changes in the surname, middle name, first name and the title of the passenger in the PNR. Every airline has their own policy and procedures for name change and corrections in a PNR after ticketing has been completed. It is the travel agents responsibility to verify name change and correction information with the carriers in the itinerary, before processing a change. The airline(s) in the PNR will indicate the process they apply for name changes in PNR after ticketing. The best practice before processing a name change/correction is to get an authorization from the airline. If the name change is done without verifying with the airline, the PNR may be canceled because of non-synchronization in the airline host system. In such scenarios if the space is cancelled in the PNR, the Travelport help desk will not be able to provide any assistance to reinstate the space.
This enhancement does not apply to PNRs where paper ticket has been issued for the passenger.

Customer Benefits:
Allow travel agents to change the last and/or first name of the ticketed PNR without calling the Worldspan help desk
Change the first or last name of the passenger when the reservation was booked online. This could include changes/corrections due to name misspelling or when a first or last name change is required
Change the first or last name for person who just married and their last name just changed

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