Worldspan - TAP Portugal (TP) Added as a Travelport Rapid Reprice™ Participant


Overview PA1585:
Travelport Rapid Reprice and the Apollo ARNE in the US, provide Travel Agency users with an
automated process to re-price air tickets when a traveler wishes to make a voluntary change to their flight
arrangements either before travel or during travel. The application calculates any additional collection and
penalty fees associated with the change, eliminating any time consuming manual calculations required for
ticket exchanges. Airline participation in is dependent on each airline filing specific Category 31 data via
ATPCO/SITA. Travelport is pleased to announce the addition of TAP Portugal (TP) to its growing list of
airlines participating in Travelport Rapid Reprice and ARNE in the US.
Please see Ask Travelport Answer ID 16438 for the full current listing.
Airline name IATA 2-letter code Airline prefix/accounting
TAP Portugal TP 047

Customer benefits:
The addition of TAP Portugal (TP) will allow agency users the ability to process more ticket
exchanges via an automated process

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