Worldspan - Travelport Smartpoint App™ for Worldspan Go!™


Overview PA 1645 version 03
Version 01 – Issued 10-Dec-12 Version 02 – Issued 24-Dec-12

- Please note that in the Benelux region, Travelport Smartpoint App for Worldspan GO! will automatically be available for use. Office manager adjustments are not required -

Travelport Smartpoint App™ has been created as a software upgrade which evolves the Worldspan Go!™ reservation system with new and interactive technology thereby improving travel agent productivity and reducing training needs, saving agencies time and money. The new environment infuses the cryptic environment with a hybrid of native and point and click navigation, plus graphical user interfaces designed to speed up the booking process, reduce call handling time and improve the user experience. Travelport Smartpoint App is integrated with the new Worldspan Go! Desktop platform to supplement cryptic and point and click navigation with graphical user interfaces and to seamlessly guide an agent through the booking
process. Travelport Smartpoint App further improves and streamlines point & click navigation and allows the agent to enter Worldspan Go! terminal emulation transaction commands to invoke any GDS function, returning selected highlighted items (an interactive response) which the user can click on to transmit core transactions to book and complete a reservation.

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