Galileo & Worldspan - Travelport Aggregated Shopping New Passive Segment Code and Itinerary Remarks


Overview  PA 1674  - Version 01

New ZK Passive Segment Code for Travelport Aggregated Shopping
Reference or direct sell of an API connected airline in Travelport Aggregated Shopping will create a passive segment using a new passive segment status of ZK on the Galileo, Apollo or Worldspan host.
Itinerary Remarks for Travelport Aggregated Shopping
When an API connected airline is booked in Travelport Aggregated Shopping, Itinerary Remarks will be created in the host PNR after successful booking.
Below are the formats Aggregated Shopping will use to create the Itinerary Remarks which are different than the .DI

Customer Benefit

  • Be able to offer a complete service to both airlines and travelers, increasing loyalty from their customers and strengthening their negotiating position with airlines
  • Have the ability to access all airline products in their normal workflow through the Focalpoint™ and Worldspan Desktops
  • Be able to offer a better service, expertise and productivity
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