Galileo & Worldspan - British Airways and Finnair implement EMD-S in the Benelux today


How do I issue an EMD?
Visit ASK Travelport for customer support: Agency EMD User Guides and Demos are available for Galileo and Worldspan.
Please link to the following published Product Advisories for more detailed information:
PA 1183 Electronic Miscellaneous Document for Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan.
PA 1237 MIR for EMD (Apollo and Galileo).
PA 1238 TAIR for EMD (Worldspan).
PA 1338 Travelport Merchandising Solutions Sell Functionality for Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan.
PA 1604 Merchandising Ancillary Services.

What should you do now?
• Ensure your mid/back office systems are ready
• Within the MIR Options table, we recommend that the MIR settings are switched to Y (yes).
• Upgrade to TAIR level 20 (Worldspan).