Galileo - New Hotel Passive Segment


Overview PA 1539 version 06

A new hotel passive segment and action code in the Galileo system with required fields is to be introduced. The required fields will include city, dates, number of rooms, property number and / or hotel name, room type / rate code and agent sign (captured by the system). An optional booking reason code will also be allowed. Agents will be able to create the current Galileo passive segment, with the action status code of “BK” for updating back office systems and to create “due and paid” itinerary lines. The existing “BK” passive segment can be created, only after an active hotel segment or the new ‘MK” passive segment has been created. Details outlined in this Product Advisory. The passive segment report will be announced in the future and a separate Product Advisory will be distributed. Similar passive segment creation functionality exists in Apollo™ and Worldspan™.

Customer Benefit

  • The required fields will allow Travelport to track hotel passive segments and facilitate passive segment reporting for Travelport agencies
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