Automatic Plating Carrier Logic


Full details about this great new functionality can be found in the What's News mailing you received on 26apr07 or on this website (Downloads & Documentation --> My Support --> News Archive --> What's News & Product Advisories).  If you are not yet familiar with this new product you may encounter following error responses:   'MODIFIER ALREADY EXISTS' upon entering the TMU. Reason: The plating carrier was already inserted upon Fare Quoting. Solution: remove the plating carrier from the TMU entry.   'NO PLATING CARRIER FOUND' upon requesting the FQ or FQBB. Reason: the required Plating Carrier is not present in the BSP list of your Agency Account Table of Galileo Solution: check the BSPlink to inquire whether you are authorised to issue on this carrier. If so, contact our Service Desk with the request to activate this carrier.If not, contact the airline to request authorisation.