Agency Private Fares new Release Known Defect and temporarily workaround


DEFECT Detail   1.       The following problem exists which impacts the following categories; Days/Week, Seasons, and Discounts when editing and re-committing existing contracts.   Contracts that are not affected include:             Contracts committed prior to June 30, 2007 that have NOT been subsequently opened for edit after this date.             Contracts created on or since June 30, 2007 that have NOT been subsequently opened for edit after this date.     Detail- Once an existing contract having multiple rule exceptions exists for the same exception/rule category group (i.e. same Fare Basis code, same city pair in category Seasons), when the contract is re-opened again for edit purposes, all rule exception data for Days/Week, Seasons, and Discounts will be moved to appear in the main rule section summary area. Only the 1st rule exception coded will remain intact.   If the contract is recommitted, the changed data will be committed to the 360Fares database with unintended rules, and rules exceptions.   Note that this condition is not limited to edits on only these 3 rules screens. It will occur when you edit data on ANY screen in the contract. Further, this condition does not occur when creating new contracts with multiple rules exceptions. It only occurs when editing existing contracts.   Note that “View Full" shows you what will be there upon editing the Rule ID. In other words, as long as the Rule ID was not committed since the last APF version update, it doesn't show what was uploaded, but it will show what will be uploaded upon re-commit.   The issue has been escalated to the appropriate technical teams and is aggressively being worked. The load date for this fix is tentatively scheduled for July 28th 2007 and will be confirmed as soon as it’s known.