From 4Q2007 - Agency Private Fares Enhancements to enable touchless ticketing


Ensure all users of the Agency Private Fares product read this advisory in conjunction with PA488 (Ticketing for Private Net Fares) to understand how this impacts them.

  • Impact to Galileo Users
    Action Required
    • As a direct result of this it is vital to understand that all APF contracts will require update to include a level of ticketing data such that no manual modification of the filed fare data (fare build and/or ticketing modifiers) is required by the end user of the Galileo desktop.
    • There will be a sufficient period of time allowed for update of existing APF contracts to facilitate this. The duration of this period and the date of commencement, have not yet been defined.
    • Manual entries (see advisory PA488) will be locked for updating filed fares (fare build and/or ticketing modifiers) and any necessary ticketing data must be added to the APF contracts themselves. Per the standard APF process, all updated contracts must be recommitted to make them effective.
    • Relevant and accessible training will be made available to fully facilitate the update of existing contracts with applicable ticketing data. 
       o An E-Learning course will be provided and this will be suitable for a trainer to deliver onward training or for a user to follow at a pace that suits them.
       o The APF Course Book will have an additional module specifically for the new Ticketing functionality.
  • High Level Description
    The following changes have been made in the Agency Private Fares product:
    • Enhanced Account code, Tour Code, and Endorsement options.
    • The option to apply Airline ticketing rules is available on the Contract Header screen for Calculated contracts.
    • Enhanced Distribution Group creation screen to include General Ticketing Instructions
    • New Ticket Details screen
    • Enhanced Selling Level Screen
    • Enhanced View Full, View Summary, Rules Text and Audit trail screens.
    • Enhancements to the Copy Outside functionality
    • Fully updated HELP pages