Final Reminder: Planned OUTAGE Notification!


During this activity overall impact will be reduced due to the majority of markets being closed, however the following will be affected during the outage:   

  • Galileo subscribers accessing the Galileo Host (PRE) 
  • Galileo Integrated Data Source (GIDS) 
  • Apollo subscribers accessing Galileo host (PRE) via Global Access 
  • Airline vendors accessing 360 Fares via Galileo Host (PRE) 
  • Galileo (PRE) system structured data users access to fare shop functionality 
  • Travelport business units access to Galileo host (PRE) 
  • Access Product Customers who access Galileo (PRE) host (Web Services, XML Select, Edifact Select, Viewpoint, 
  • Customers accessing Galileo host (PRE) through Airline Servicing Terminals (AST’s) 
  • All inbound teletype messages to the PRE system will queue during this time including Availability Status (AVS) messages 
We apologize for any inconvenience that this activity may cause.