Data Center Migration-- High-Level Customer Notification


We will conduct system migration rehearsals over three weekends in August and September. The major migration work will be undertaken in mid-September. A key goal during the migration process is to minimise service interruptions; as a consequence all planned outages have been scheduled during known “light usage” periods. Please note the following key dates and times that will affect your service:

• The core migration will take place between Friday, 12 September 06:00 CET thru Tuesday, 16 September 06.00 CET
• There will be a CORE OUTAGE impacting all Apollo and Galileo subscribers from 08:30 – 09:15 CET Sunday, 14 September for 45 minutes duration.

Additional Travelport systems will migrate to the Atlanta Data Centre in October and November.

In preparation for this event, a thorough programme of testing and rehearsal for the migration has been undertaken in a controlled “TestPlex” environment since the beginning of 2008. As a result, we anticipate a smooth migration with minimal service interruptions, however if you experience delayed interruptions beyond the scheduled time and need immediate assistance, please follow your standard problem reporting procedure.

We appreciate your patience as we improve our systems, allowing our customers to continue to enjoy the benefit of products and services delivered via a world class data centre facility. Additional information will be provided in the coming weeks, however please contact your account manager with any specific questions.